Efficiently Store and Manage Sensor Data on Mobile Devices

Keeping application processors asleep longer to save battery life

In wearable devices such as fitness bands and smart watches, efficient storage and management of sensor data is very important to minimizing power consumption and extending battery life. However, current mobile device processors are not architected in a way to efficiently manage low bandwidth, real-time devices such as sensors.

Multi Axis Sensor Data Buffer Block Diagram

Based on the PolarPro® 3 programmable logic product platform, the Sensor Data Buffer Catalog CSSP includes QuickLogic’s Communication Manager and Sensor Manager PSBs, along with a buffer that supports approximately 700 samples of 3-axis sensor data (equivalent to 14 seconds at 50Hz). As the Sensor Data Buffer collects the sensor data in an extremely power-efficient manner, it allows the host application processor to “sleep” for longer intervals, extending device battery life.

OS Support

The Multi-Axis Sensor Data Buffer Catalog CSSP is fully compatible with the Android OS. QuickLogic provides standard Android driver libraries to allow for quick integration to an OEM system.

Ideal for Wearable Devices

The Multi-axis Sensor Data Buffer Catalog CSSP is ideal for wearable devices where collecting and storing sensor data at ultra-low power is essential for great user experience

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