Wearable-specific Use Cases & Contexts

The needs of wearable OEMs are unique -- the S1 Wearables Sensor Hub Catalog CSSP offers wearable-specific use cases and contexts, delivering the maximum user experience at the ultra-low power levels required for long battery life

S1 Wearables Activity Contexts

s1 wearables actions s1 only

s1 action walking


s1 action running


s1 action sitting


s1 action standing


S1 Wearables Supported Gestures

s1 gesture rotate



s1 gesture tap


Unique Sensor Hub Technologies

The S1 Wearables Sensor Hub solution is based on the ArcticLink® 3 S1 CSSP Sensor Hub platform, and contains a number of PSB technologies, including Communication Manager, Flexible Fusion Engine, and Sensor Manager.

System Architecture

The device autonomously samples and manages data from multiple sensors found in wearable devices. This off-the-shelf solution enables OEMs to immediately integrate best-in-class wearable context awareness and sensor management into their devices quickly.

The S1 Wearables Sensor Hub Catalog CSSP is the ultra-low power sensor hub solution that delivers wearable contexts and gestures in <250µW, enabling OEMs and software developers to unleash new applications and use cases previously thought unattainable.

Device Highlights

S1 Wearables Sensor Hub Architecture


S1 Wearables Sensor Hub Block Diagram
Communication Manager
  • Optimized data path to the application processor using SPI or HID over I²C
  • Smart FIFO prevents FIFO overrun: intelligent to interrupt latency
Flexible Fusion Engine (patent pending)
  • Finite state machine plus CISC-based Arithmetic Logic Unit processes all sensor data
  • High speed, accurate, processing of multi-axis sensor data for motion sensor fusion
Sensor Manager
  • Microcoded state machine and multi-second data buffer for programmable sensor management
  • Low power I²C controller with dynamic pull-ups to reduce wasted I/O power
  • QuickLogic maintains a comprehensive sensor QVL

OS Support

The S1 Wearables Sensor Hub is fully compatible with the Android OS and RTOS ThreadX operating systems. QuickLogic provides standard Android driver libraries to allow for quick integration to an OEM system.

Sensor Compatibility

The S1 Wearables Sensor Hub Catalog CSSP is compatible with all major types (including accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers and others) and manufacturers of mobile sensors. Contact QuickLogic to check compatibility for your application.

Ideal for Wearable Devices

The S1 Wearables Sensor Hub Catalog CSSP is ideal for wearable devices where sensor management must be performed at the lowest power possible

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