S2 Gesture & Context Catalog CSSP

The sensing needs of smartphone and wearable OEMs are expanding — the S2 Gesture and Context  Sensor Hub Catalog CSSP offers out-of-the-box support for mobile device-specific use cases and contexts, delivering the maximum user experience at the ultra-low power levels required for long battery life

S2 Gesture and Context Functions  

The ArcticLink® 3 S2 Gesture and Context Catalog CSSP contains a number of smartphone and wearable-specific technologies, including enhanced pedometer, enhanced context detection, Heart Rate Monitor (HRM), significant motion detection, sensor calibration and gesture support.  

al3s2 comp a

al3s2 android arrow

snsor app heartrate

Heart Rate Monitor

sensor app calib

Sensor Calibration

sensor app contextdetect

Enhanced Context Detection

sensor app detect

Significant Motion Detection

Gesture Support

The ArcticLink 3 S2 Gesture and Context Catalog CSSP supports rotate-to-wake, tap-to-wake, double tap front, and double tap back, ideal for a great wearable user experience.

rotate to wake


tap to wake


double tap front

Double Tap Front

double tap back

Double Tap Back

Enhanced Pedometer

Enhanced pedometer including differentiation of running and walking (including step counts)





Unique Sensor Hub Technologies

The S2 Gesture and Context Sensor Hub solution is based on the ArcticLink 3 S2 CSSP Sensor Hub platform, and contains a number of PSB technologies, including Communication Manager, Flexible Fusion Engine, and Sensor Manager.

System Architecture

The device autonomously samples and manages data from multiple sensors found in smartphone and wearable devices. This off-the-shelf solution enables OEMs to immediately integrate best-in-class context awareness and sensor management into their devices quickly.

The S2 Gesture and Context Sensor Hub Catalog CSSP is the ultra-low power sensor hub solution that delivers contexts and gestures in ~150µW, enabling OEMs and software developers to unleash new applications and use cases previously thought unattainable.

OS Support

The ArcticLink 3 S2 CSSP Sensor Hub is fully compatible with the Android OS and RTOS-based systems. QuickLogic provides standard Android driver libraries to allow for quick integration into an OEM system.


Sensor Hub Architecture


S2 Gesture Block Diagram


Communication Manager
  • Communicates with host applications processor/MCU through hard-wired SPI interface
Second Generation Flexible Fusion Engine (patent pending)
  • CISC-based ALU core for optimal combination of processing performance and power consumption
  • In-system reconfigurable for use in different context and applications
  • Four times the computational performance of previous generation
  • Four times the on-board algorithm capacity of previous generation
Sensor Manager
  • Autonomous initialization, sampling, and calibration of sensors through hard-wire I2C Master eliminates AP/MCU load and lessens overhead
  • 8KB of sensor data memory – support for up to 2000 individual time-stamped events
  • Compatible with all major inertial sensor manufacturers; see our QVL

Ideal for Wearable Devices

The S2 Gesture and Context Sensor Hub Catalog CSSP is ideal for wearable devices where sensor management must be performed at the lowest power possible

Ideal for Smartphones

The S2 Gesture and Context Sensor Hub Catalog CSSP is ideal for smartphone devices where sensor algorithm and subsystem management is paramount to a great user experience

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