Customer Specific Standard Products

Enabling Our Customers to Bring Their Products to Market Quicker and Remain in the Market Longer

CSSPs are Customizable Semiconductor Hardware + Software Devices


The flexibility of an FPGA without you having to do design

The focus of an ASSP without the long lead time and high investment




CSSP Subsystem

QuickLogic CSSPs address multiple needs in a variety of markets. From sensor hub and camera integration technologies in the I/O domain to display enhancement and power saving solutions for displays, QuickLogic offers a unique blend of functionality with Proven System Blocks (PSBs), solution platforms and software drivers for our customers. 

Solution Platforms

Configurable platforms to support a varied array of functionality

QuickLogic customizes CSSPs from our ArcticLink® and PolarPro® solutions platform families. These solution platforms can be configured to support a varied array of PSBs.

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Sensor Hub 

Platform Features
ArcticLink 3 S2

As sensor-based applications become more prevalent in the daily use of smartphones and wearable devices, sensor hubs will need increasing ability to store sensor data, store and run sensor algorithms and do those functions quicker. The ArcticLink 3 S2 is designed with those requirements specifically in mind -- that's why it has 2 times the processing ability, 4 times the algorithm capacity and 8 times the sensor data memory.

ArcticLink 3 S1

The ArcticLink 3 S1 Ultra-Low Power Sensor Hub (ULPSH) is the first device to meet the power thresholds and support the sensor processing functions required to make always-on sensors in smartphones, wearables and tablets a mainstream reality. Available as a Catalog CSSP featuring Sensor Platform Inc's FreeMotion library or as a fully OEM-configurable CSSP, the ArcticLink 3 S1 sensor hub is the best choice for power-conscious system designers.

Visual and Display

Platform Features
ArcticLink III VX

The ArcticLink III VX Solution Platform family integrates Visual Enhancement Engine (VEE™) HD+, Display Power Optimizer (DPO) HD+ technologies with LVDS, MIPI and RGB interfaces including bridging, interface pass through and dual output architectures into a single device solution for consumer mobile devices. This highly integrated, yet flexible platform makes it the ideal solution for display subsystems of handheld portable devices.

ArcticLink III BX

The ArcticLink III BX solution platform features a variety of display bridging technologies useful for smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices where the processor/CPU interface differs from that of the display interface. Featuring 15 silicon variants differing in input and output interface as well as maximum resolution supported, the ArcticLink III BX bridging solution is ideal for applications where low power and small size is key to success.

ArcticLink II VX

The first solution platform family optimized for display subsystem processing in handheld, battery powered devices. All solution platforms in this family embed a hardwired, 2.0 version of the Visual Enhancement Engine technology (VEE) PSB and our Display Power Optimizer (DPO) PSB. Furthermore, a variety of display interface PSBs can be embedded in the ArcticLink II VX solution platforms.


Platform Features
PolarPro 3

QuickLogic’s PolarPro 3 programmable logic devices are designed to address the next generation needs of mobile designers. Featuring 1,019 logic cells in an extremely small 2 x 2.5mm package, the PolarPro 3 operates on as little as 55µA static power, making it ideal for low power applications where long battery life is key to a positive user experience.

PolarPro and PolarPro II

The PolarPro and PolarPro II solution platforms offer a spectrum of PSBs such as SDIO/SD/MMC, high speed UARTs, keyboard control, SPI and I²C ports, advanced clock management and others in low cost, small form factor packaging.

ArcticLink The ArcticLink family of platforms are designed specifically to meet the unique high-speed connectivity requirements of handheld devices. ArcticLink solution platforms contain PSBs such as USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Host, Device and On-The-Go (OTG) Controllers, and SDIO/SD/MMC/eMMC. In addition, other PSBs can be implemented in our programmable fabric such as high speed UARTs, keyboard controllers, SPI and I²C ports, advanced clock management and others.

Proven System Blocks

Address connectivity, performance and user experience challenges

Most QuickLogic silicon platforms include embedded programmable fabric that is used for integrating PSBs that address connectivity, performance and user experience challenges in the Storage, Display and I/O subsystems of mobile and industrial devices.


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Proven System Block Library

System Block Features
NAND Flash Controller
  • Single Level Cell (SLC) NAND flash with 2-bit hardware ECC/EDC
  • Hardware support for wear leveling and bad block management
Secure Digital (SD) Card Host Controller
  • Secure Digital 2.0 standard with support for Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC)
  • 1-bit and 4-bit operation at speeds of up to 52 MHz
Multimedia Card (MMC) Controller
  • MMC 4.1 standard for MMC and high capacity SIM card
  • 1-bit, 4-bit, 8-bit operation with speeds up to 52 MHz
Memory Stick (MS) Controller
  • Stick and Memory Stick Pro standards
  • Theoretical maximum data transfer rate of 480 Mbps
  • 4-bit, 8-bit and serial interface widths
Managed NAND Controller with Boot Capability
  • Elimination of the need for NOR Flash in the system
  • Booting from any SD/MMC-based Managed NAND device with support for SDHC devices of 4 GBytes and above
  • SD/MMC controller is SD 2.0 compliant with support for SDHC devices for Managed NAND densities of 4 GBytes and above
  • Supports the latest eMMC standard
  • Supports multiple SD/SDIO/MMC devices or cards on the same bus
Optical Drive Controller (ATAPI)
  • CD and DVD ROM connectivity (ATAPI)
  • Enhanced support for simultaneous DVD ROM and hard disk drives
  • Throughput of greater than 13 MByte/sec
  • Off-loading the application processor from managing the overhead of ATA timing and polling operations
System Block Features
Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Host Controller
  • Hi-speed USB 2.0 OTG with integrated high-speed PHY
  • 12-signal ULPI interface available through programmable fabric
  • 8 KByte SRAM on-chip buffer to improve data transfer performance
  • Dedicated DMA controller to off-load CPU from heavy data transfer and manipulation
High-Speed SDIO Controller
  • High-speed SDIO host controller with clock frequency up to 52 MHz
  • Compliance with the latest Secure Digital 2.0 standard
  • SPI, 1-bit and 4-bit modes
  • Rx/Tx FIFOs for higher performance and throughput
  • DMA support for reducing processor bus utilization
MiniPCI for Ethernet, Wi-Fi/WiMAX Controller
  • Leveraging of low-cost PCI-based Wi-Fi modules
  • Up to 264 MByte/sec PCI bus performance, zero wait states
  • Master and target functions for 32-bit data at speeds of 33 and 66 MHz
  • Full compliance to PCI specification 2.3, and Cardbus and Compact PCI compatible
SPI Controller
  • High-speed SPI master controller with clock frequency up to 52 MHz
  • Low cost, low pin count wireless connectivity solution
  • Simple driver architecture customizable to enhance Wi-Fi performance
Bluetooth 2.x + EDR High-Speed UART
  • High-speed UART supporting Bluetooth 2.x with up to 4 Mbit/sec data rate
  • Configurable baud rate customized for different application requirements
  • Configurable flow control and FIFO access
SDIO Client
  • SD v2.0 and SDIO v1.2 compliance with multifunction SDIO support
  • SD 1 bit, SD 4 bit and SPI mode up to 50 MHz
  • Hot insertion/removal, interrupt, Read Wait, Suspend, and Resume
  • CRC7/CRC16
System Block Features
Visual Enhancement Engine
  • Greatly enhanced mobile device visual experience, even under low brightness or bright ambient conditions
  • Compatible with all commonly-used mobile display types
  • Supports up to WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200 pixels) resolution
Display Power Optimizer
  • With VEE, dramatically improves battery life by reducing display brightness without negatively affecting viewing experience
  • OEM-proven battery life extensions average 25%
Background Color Compensator
  • Advanced color balancing and visual enhancement adapts the colors of pico-projected content to best match the projected surface
MIPI DSI with Built-in D-PHY
  • Display standard develop by the MIPI alliance; up to WUXGA resolution (1,920 x 1,200 pixels)
X/Y Swap
  • X/Y Swap Operation Frame rate conversion for VGA, NTSC and PAL Power management for stopping all subsystem clocks and shutting down the SDRAM frame buffer Configuration from the host application processor via I²C-compatible bus
System Block Features
Wake-up and Verify
  • Enables systems to detect, act upon and inform from a deep down power state
  • Consumes fewer than 5µA of current
  • Enabling a more efficient solution for the management of active and standby power during specific application tasks, resulting in much longer battery life
Direct Memory Access
  • Fully customizable DMA controller
  • Lower CPU utilization
System Block Features
Content Protection for Recordable Media (CPRM)
  • C2 cipher algorithm implemented in hardware
  • Working in conjunction with QuickLogic SD/SDIO or P-ATA host controllers
  • Key stored securely in hardware
  • Optimization for SD-Video performance
Serial ID
  • Secure numeric ID, as long as 256 bits can be implemented in the programmable fabric of any PolarPro or ArcticLink Solution Platform
  • Unique number in each CSSP device controlled by a list of desired values provided by OEM/ODM
System Block Features
IrDA TV/AV Remote Controller
  • Enables remote control function of home theatre equipment through smartphones and tablets
IrDA-based Barcode Transmission
  • Enables smartphone use of coupons, tickets and loyalty cards with laser barcode readers
Keyboard Controller
  • Keyboards with 16x8, 12x8 or other matrix
  • Multiple, simultaneous keystrokes
  • Mouse
  • Touch Pad
  • LED control

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