Catalog CSSP Solutions

Designed for Common Customer Requirements

catalog cssps

Works out of the box

Ready-to-integrate, off-the-shelf solutions

Designed to address common sets of customer requirements, these devices do not require any further customization from QuickLogic. Often developed in conjunction with a processor vendor, Catalog CSSP solutions focus on rapidly expanding mobile and embedded processor applications, resulting in a catalog of reference solutions.


List of Catalog CSSPs

Product Description
S2 Gesture & Context
The S2 Gesture and Context Sensor Hub Catalog CSSP is ideal for smartphone and wearable OEMs who desire out-of-the-box sensor hub solution to address common gesture and context requirements
S1 Wearables Sensor Hub
The S1 Wearables Sensor Hub Catalog CSSP offers wearable-specific use cases and contexts, delivering the maximum user experience at the ultra-low power levels required for long battery life
Always-On Context Aware Sensor Hub
The first device to meet the power thresholds and support the sensor processing functions required to make always-on sensors a mainstream reality, the Catalog CSSP features Sensor Platform Inc's FreeMotion library
Multi-Axis Sensor Data Buffer
Sensor data buffering and storage solution for wearable devices
Parallel camera interface solution for TI Sitara™ AM335x ARM® Cortex™ A8 processors
Increases pico projector viewability and compensates for non-white projection surfaces
Increases pico projector viewability (effective lumens) without increasing actual lumen output

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