TAG for Wearables

Sensor Hub Evaluation Kit for ArcticLink 3 S2-based Wearables

The QuickLogic TAG evaluation kit is a battery-powered, wrist-worn design allowing OEMs and system designers to easily test and evaluate QuickLogic's ArcticLink 3 S2 ultra-low power sensor hub.

Featuring QuickLogic's S2 Gesture and Context Catalog CSSP and seven discrete sensors typically found on wearable designs, the TAG system enables benchmarking of QuickLogic's best-in-class pedometer, user gesture, device location, and other algorithms. 

Design Process

The wearable device market is in its infancy — system designers are faced to having to bring products to market as quickly as possible, often with little design support. Gesture and Context recognition is often an integral part of the design. Formerly, system designers were often faced with having to source hardware and software from different suppliers.

The TAG evaluation kit provides system designers:

  • A known-good sensor hub hardware solution
  • Out-of-the-box gesture and context algorithms
  • An Android App for monitoring user TAG activity, including collection of raw sensor data 

The TAG evaluation kit minimizes testing effort and cost.

QuickLogic TAG System
TAG System Architecture

S2 Gesture and Context Functions

The TAG evaluation kit includes the following:

  • Best-in-class enhanced pedometer (differentiates walking and running, stores and provides individual step counts for each)
  • Wearable-specific gesture recognition such as rotate-to-wake and lift-to-wake
  • Device location such as not-on-person, stationary, and accidental drop


al3s2 comp a

al3s2 android arrow

sensor app gesture

Gesture Support

sensor app calib

Sensor Calibration

sensor app contextdetect

Enhanced Context Detection

sensor app detect

Significant Motion Detection

sensor app pedo

Enhanced Pedometer

How do I get one?

The TAG evaluation kit can be obtained by qualified OEMs and system designers via contacting QuickLogic. 

tag map

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