Detects State Changes of Internal and External Devices

Allows CPU to sleep longer

The QuickLogic WAV PSB has the following features:

  • Allows for detection of changes of state of external devices (keyboards, headphones, etc.) and internal devices while the CPU is in a power-down state
  • CPU remains in a low power state during detection, greatly reducing system-level power consumption 

QuickLogic's WAV enables detection of activities on a bus or signal while the system is in a power down state. This implementation can consume fewer than 5μA of current while it monitors activities and detects when to wake up the system or part of the system to act upon. When this PSB is used in conjunction with other PSBs to build a CSSP, the solution can be used to detect, act upon and inform various aspects of the system - enabling a more efficient solution for the management of active and standby power during specific application tasks, resulting in much longer battery life.


WAV blockdiagram

Wake-up and Verify block diagram
  • I/O flip-flop (A) controls the power to the core voltage. This requires dedicated external D-input, output, clock and reset pins.
  • I/O flip-flop (B) controls the external request to shut off the core voltage. This flip-flop uses the global reset and clock signals.

Available Platforms

Platform Features
PolarPro® 3E

The PolarPro 3E is the latest generation of QuickLogic's mobile programmable logic devices. It improves upon previous generations by adding embedded standard blocks commonly used in mobile FPGA designs. Featuring 3,500 effective logic cells in an extremely small 2.19 mm x 2.47 mm package, the PolarPro 3E is ideal for low power applications where long battery life is key to a positive user experience.

PolarPro 3

QuickLogic’s PolarPro 3 programmable logic devices are designed to address the next generation needs of mobile designers. Featuring 1,019 logic cells in an extremely small 2 x 2.5mm package, the PolarPro 3 operates on as little as 55µA static power, making it ideal for low power applications where long battery life is key to a positive user experience

PolarPro and PolarPro II

The PolarPro and PolarPro II solution platforms offer a spectrum of PSBs such as SDIO/SD/MMC, high speed UARTs, keyboard control, SPI and I²C ports, advanced clock management and others in low cost, small form factor packaging.

ArcticLink® The ArcticLink family of platforms are designed specifically to meet the unique high-speed connectivity requirements of handheld devices. ArcticLink solution platforms contain PSBs such as USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Host, Device and On-The-Go (OTG) Controllers, SDIO/SD/MMC/eMMC. In addition, other PSBs can be implemented in our programmable fabric such as high speed UARTs, keyboard controllers, SPI and I²C ports, advanced clock management and others.


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