Supporting New and Legacy Interfaces Through Unique Technologies

Often 'borrowing' components destined for other end markets, Mobile Enterprise OEMs can face issues with component compatibility.  For instance, a processor designed for the smartphone market can often be employed in a bar code reader cheaper and quicker than other solutions; however, the bar code engine output might not be compatible with the processor. 

Programmable fabric can be employed to solve these issues.  Interface and display standards can be bridged with bare minimum of power consumption to allow all the different components in a mobile enterprise device to 'talk' to each other through programmable fabric devices.  OEMs can also provide product differentiation through new and unique PSBs offered by QuickLogic.

Technologies and Use Cases

Enterprise Use Case

Camera Interface 

The CAM I/F Catalog CSSP is designed to connect the Texas Instruments Sitara ARM335x ARM Cortex A8 application processor and parallel image sensors.

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Programmable fabric is the ideal location for deployment of additional PWM’s to control functions such as display brightness, LEDs and others.

Orion Reference Design

Allows the connection of multiple low bandwidth wireless, sensor, and different I/O devices to a TI Sitara processor.

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Inter-processor communication technology allows system designers a quick and easy method to build a common communication scheme between two processors.

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Visual and Display

Platform Features
ArcticLink® III VX

The ArcticLink III VX Solution Platform family integrates Visual Enhancement Engine (VEE™) HD+, Display Power Optimizer (DPO) HD+ technologies with LVDS, MIPI and RGB interfaces including display bridging, interface pass through and dual output architectures into a single chip solution for consumer mobile devices. This highly integrated, yet flexible platform makes it the ideal solution for display subsystems of handheld portable devices.

ArcticLink III BX

The ArcticLink III BX solution platform features a variety of display bridging technologies useful for devices where the processor/CPU interface differs from that of the display interface. Featuring 15 silicon variants differing in input and output interface as well as maximum resolution supported, the ArcticLink III BX bridging solution is ideal for applications where low power and small size is key to success.

ArcticLink II VX

The first solution platform family optimized for display subsystem processing in handheld, battery powered devices. All solution platforms in this family embed a hardwired, 2.0 version of the Visual Enhancement Engine technology (VEE) PSB and our Display Power Optimizer (DPO) PSB. Furthermore, a variety of display interface PSBs can be embedded in the ArcticLink II VX solution platforms.


Platform Features
PolarPro® 3E

The PolarPro 3E is the latest generation of QuickLogic's mobile programmable logic devices. It improves upon previous generations by adding embedded standard blocks commonly used in mobile FPGA designs. Featuring 3,500 effective logic cells in an extremely small 2.19 mm x 2.47 mm package, the PolarPro 3E is ideal for low power applications where long battery life is key to a positive user experience.

PolarPro 3

QuickLogic’s PolarPro 3 programmable logic devices are designed to address the next generation needs of system designers. Featuring 1,019 logic cells in an extremely small 2 x 2.5mm package, the PolarPro 3 operates on as little as 55µA static power, making it ideal for low power applications where long battery life is key.

PolarPro and PolarPro II

The PolarPro and PolarPro II solution platforms offer a spectrum of PSBs such as SDIO/SD/MMC, high speed UARTs, keyboard control, SPI and I²C ports, advanced clock management and others in low cost, small form factor packaging.

ArcticLink The ArcticLink family of platforms are designed specifically to meet the unique high-speed connectivity requirements of handheld devices. ArcticLink solution platforms contain PSBs such as USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Host, Device and On-The-Go (OTG) Controllers, SDIO/SD/MMC/eMMC. In addition, other PSBs can be implemented in our programmable fabric such as high speed UARTs, keyboard controllers, SPI and I²C ports, advanced clock management and others.
PolarPro 3 Overview
Introduction to the ArcticLink III VX Display Bridge, Visual Enhancement and Power Savings Device

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