Solutions for the Exploding Wearable Market

Wearable-specific Sensor Hubs, Sensor Data Buffering and Interface Compatibility Solutions

Wearable OEMs require ultra-low power sensor hubs offload sensor management and sensor data storage burdens from the host processor in the most power-efficient manners possible to preserve battery life. Additionally, they often face issues with component compatibility in this exploding market – programmable fabric can be employed to bridge interfaces at a bare minimum of power consumption.


QuickLogic's provides a number of technologies and platforms which can be employed to speed time-to-market, expand features, and extend battery life.

Technologies and Use Cases

Wearable Use Case

Flexible Fusion Engine

The FFE enables sensor algorithms to run at 1/30th the power consumption of its competitors.

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Data Interface Connectivity

QuickLogic's smart connectivity solutions allow the bridging of incompatible data interfaces, such as I²C to SDIO and USB to SDIO.

S1 Wearables Sensor Hub

The S1 Wearables Sensor Hub Catalog CSSP offers wearable-specific use cases and contexts, delivering the maximum user experience at the ultra-low power levels required for long battery life.

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ArcticLink 3 S2 Sensor Hub

The ArcticLink® 3 S2 Sensor Hub offers ultra-low power contexts and gestures ideally suited for wearable devices.

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Sensor Hub

Platform Features
ArcticLink 3 S2

The ArcticLink 3 S2, the second generation sensor hub platform from QuickLogic, features a processing platform ideal for the needs of power-conscious OEMs. Featuring 4x the computational performance, 4x the on-board algorithm capacity and 8x sensor data buffer storage plus programmable fabric, the S2 is the sensor hub of choice for smartphone and wearable OEMs. 

ArcticLink 3 S1

The ArcticLink 3 S1 Ultra-Low Power Sensor Hub (ULPSH) is the first device to meet the power thresholds and support the sensor processing functions required to make always-on sensors in wearables a mainstream reality. Available as a Catalog CSSP featuring Sensor Platform Inc's FreeMotion library or as a fully OEM-configurable CSSP, the ArcticLink 3 S1 sensor hub is the best choice for power-conscious system designers.

Visual and Display

Platform Features
ArcticLink III BX

The ArcticLink III BX solution platform features a variety of display bridging technologies useful for smartphones, tablet computers and other handheld devices where the processor/CPU interface differs from that of the display interface. Featuring 15 silicon variants differing in input and output interface as well as maximum resolution supported, the ArcticLink III BX bridging solution is ideal for applications where low power and small size is key to success.


Platform Features
PolarPro® 3

QuickLogic’s PolarPro 3 programmable logic devices are designed to address the next generation needs of mobile designers. Featuring 1,019 logic cells in an extremely small 2 x 2.5mm package, the PolarPro 3 operates on as little as 55µA static power, making it ideal for low power applications where long battery life is key to a positive user experience. Available as a Sensor Data Buffer Catalog CSSP, the PolarPro 3 is a low-power sensor buffer and connectivity solution.

PolarPro and PolarPro II

The PolarPro and PolarPro II solution platforms offer a spectrum of PSBs such as SDIO/SD/MMC, high speed UARTs, keyboard control, SPI and I²C ports, advanced clock management and others in low cost, small form factor packaging.

ArcticLink 3 S2 Ultra-Low Power Sensor Hub Overview

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