Programmable Logic Solutions for Mobile Devices

Ideal for low-power applications where long battery life is key

Mobile device system designers rely on programmable logic devices to supplement and increase the capabilities of their products through such functions as GPIO expansion, I²C control, and interface bridging. Applications for programmable logic continue to grow even as mobile processors evolve, supporting new standards and interfaces while continuing legacy design support. QuickLogic’s PolarPro® 3 programmable logic devices are designed to address the next generation needs of consumer mobile and mobile enterprise system designers. Featuring 1,019 logic cells in an extremely small 2 x 2.5mm package, the PolarPro 3 operates on as little as 55µA static power, making it ideal for low power applications where long battery life is key to a positive user experience.


PolarPro 3 Overview

More Efficient Logic Utilization

  • Flexible logic cells, capable of two independent 3-input LUTs or a single 4-input LUT

  • Generally twice as efficient as standard 4-input logic cell architectures

  • Allows greater functionality in less PCB space

Embedded Standard Blocks

  • Built-in SRAM and FIFO controllers

  • Enables data buffering and autonomous data transfers

Ultra-low Power

  • 55μA static power consumption, suitable for even the most power sensitive of applications

  • Prolongs device battery life

Ultra-small Package

  • 1,019 logic cell packages as small as 2.09mm x 2.54mm

  • WLCSP, VFBGA, or die options available

  • Designed for the most space-sensitive of applications

Complete Customizable Solutions

  • Allows offloading of computationally intensive applications

  • Includes comprehensive software packages along with hardware

Fast Time-to-market

  • QuickLogic designs and delivers complete CSSP solutions, including hardware and software

  • Uses QuickLogic’s existing library of Proven System Blocks (PSBs)

  • Reduces development time and costs

Ideal for Smartphones

The PolarPro 3 CSSP is ideal for smartphones where hardware differentiation enables new and unique user experiences

Ideal for Tablets

The PolarPro 3 CSSP is ideal for tablets where hardware differentiation enables new and unique user experiences

Ideal for Mobile Enterprise Devices

The PolarPro 3 CSSP is ideal for mobile enterprise devices to bridge interface standards

Ideal for Wearable Devices

The PolarPro 3 CSSP is ideal for wearable devices where collecting and storing sensor data at ultra-low power is essential for great user experience

Product Table

Product PolarPro 3 (WLCSP package) PolarPro 3 (VFBGA package)
Logic Cells 1,019
Effective Logic Cells Average 2X vs Standard Logic Cells
RAM Module Size 8K (9,216 bits)
Number of RAM Modules 8
RAM Bits 73K
FIFO Controllers 8
Distributed Clocks 5
I/O Flip-flops 164 220
Flip-flops 1,019
Max Gates 175K
Max GPIOs 18 46
Core Voltage 1.2V
I/O Voltages 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V
Pin Count 30 64
Pitch (Ball/Lead) 0.4mm 0.4mm
Package Dimensions 2.09mm x 2.54mm 3.5mm x 3.5mm
MSL 1 3

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