Run-Time Reconfigurable Mobile Programmable Logic Solution

Low Power Mobile FPGA Combining Efficient Logic Cells with Embedded Standard Blocks to Maximize Logic Density in Minimal PCB Space

The PolarPro 3E was specifically architected to meet the increasingly complex needs of mobile device OEMs. With special attention paid to efficient logic cell utilization, small size, and low power consumption, the PolarPro 3E is the ideal solution for OEMs who require a programmable logic solution for their application. The PolarPro 3E operates seamlessly with commonly-used mobile processors to address connectivity, I/O bridging, barcode transmission, IR remote control, and custom applications. QuickLogic combines PSBs with software drivers, along with customer-specific logic, to deliver CSSPs based on the exact requirements of our customers.

The PolarPro 3E is the latest generation of QuickLogic's mobile programmable logic devices. It improves upon previous generations by adding embedded standard blocks commonly used in mobile FPGA designs. Featuring 3,500 effective logic cells in an extremely small 2.19 mm x 2.47 mm package, the PolarPro 3E is ideal for low power applications where long battery life is key to a positive user experience.

Most Efficient Logic Utilization

  • Flexible logic cells, capable of two independent 3-input LUTs or a single 4-input LUT (read the white paper)

  • More than twice as efficient as standard 4-input logic cell architectures found on competitive devices

  • Embedded Standard Blocks free up even more logic cells 

  • Allows greater functionality in less PCB space

Embedded Standard Blocks

  • Built-in SRAM and FIFO controllers

  • I²C Master and SPI Slave interfaces

  • Dual 32 x 32 multipliers

Ultra-small Package

  • 2.19mm x 2.47mm WLCSP package

  • Die option available

  • Designed for the most space-sensitive of applications

Complete Customizable Solutions

  • Allows offloading of computationally-intense applications

  • Includes comprehensive software packages along with hardware

  • Drivers for popular operating systems provided

Fast Time-to-market

  • QuickLogic designs and delivers complete CSSP solutions, including hardware and software drivers

  • Uses QuickLogic’s existing library of Proven System Blocks (PSBs)

  • Reduces OEM development time and costs

Ideal for Smartphones

The PolarPro 3E CSSP is ideal for smartphones where hardware differentiation enables new and unique user experiences

Ideal for Tablets

The PolarPro 3E CSSP is ideal for tablets where hardware differentiation enables new and unique user experiences

Ideal for Mobile Enterprise Devices

The PolarPro 3E CSSP is ideal for mobile enterprise devices to bridge interface standards

Product Table

Product PolarPro 3E (WLCSP package)
Effective Logic Cells 3,500
RAM Module Size 8K
Number of RAM Modules 8
RAM Bits 204Kb
FIFO Controllers 8
Distributed Clocks 5
I/O Flip-flops 164
Flip-flops 1,019
Max Gates 175K
Max GPIOs 18
Core Voltage 1.2V
I/O Voltages 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V
Pin Count 30
Package WLCSP
Pitch (Ball/Lead) 0.4mm
Package Dimensions 2.19mm x 2.47mm

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