Easy Connection to the TI Sitara Platform

The QuickLogic CAM I/F Catalog CSSP is designed to connect the Texas Instruments Sitara ARM335x ARM Cortex A8 application processor and parallel image sensors.


Integrate Cameras to Sitara-based Systems

The Sitara platform does not have a native MIPI-CSI or parallel camera interface. With this constraint, system designers have previously been forced to integrate cameras to Sitara-based systems through the USB interface. However, USB is a power-hungry interface, making this a less-than-ideal solution, especially in portable applications.


CAM I/F Catalog CSSP

To address this design concern, the QuickLogic CAM I/F Catalog CSSP is designed to connect a parallel interface camera to the General Purpose Memory Interface (GPMC) on the Sitara platform. The Catalog CSSP allows the integration of up to a 5 Megapixel camera through the GPMC interface, not only reducing system power, but also freeing up a USB connection for use elsewhere in the design.

cam if blockdiagram

BeagleBone Camera Cape
  • 6mm X 6mm, non-HDI rules package

  • Reduces system power consumption up to 150mW

  • Support up to 5MP Camera at 10FPS with DMA

  • No software effort required for OEM

BeagleBone Dev Board
BeagleBone Reference Design with CAM I/F


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