Increase Pico Projector Viewability and Compensate for Non-white Projection Surfaces

Traditional video projectors, such as those used in business conference rooms and movie theaters, always project onto a white screen. Professional content is always color-balanced for this. However, pico projectors are designed to be portable and be readily-used—and unintended consequence of this is that they are not always going to be projected onto a white surface. The consequence of this is that the color of the projected surface can significantly change how the content is perceived.


bcc white green

Figure 1 shows an example of the same image projected onto a white surface, and then a green surface.

Figure 1. Typical Pico Projector on Various Color Surfaces

QuickLogic’s Background Color Compensator (BCC) technology uses advanced color balancing and enhancement to adapt the colors of the projected content to best match the projected surface. This is shown in figure 2.


bcc with without

Figure 2. Typical Pico Projector on Various Color Surfaces with BCC

The VEE-BCC-Pico solution is available as part of the ArcticLink® II VX series.

  • Increases viewability without increasing projector lumen output

  • Compatible with all popular projector engines including FLCOS, DLP and Laser

  • Compensates for non-white projection surfaces

Ideal for Smartphone Devices

The VEE-BCC-Pico Catalog CSSP is ideal for pico projector-embedded smartphones to increase effective lumens and to compensate for different projection surfaces

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