Increase Pico Projector Viewability without Increasing Lumen Output



One of the biggest barriers of wide-scale OEM adoption of pico projectors in mobile devices is low lumen output. However, as many industry experts (including QuickLogic) have long-touted, lumens themselves are not a sole indicator of the projected viewability.

Effective Lumens - 5 lumen PoP Video vs 15 lumen Pico Projector

QuickLogic’s Visual Enhancement Engine technology addresses the viewability concerns of OEMs. VEE optimizes the viewing experience for viewing conditions: that is, source data and ambient light conditions are examined in real-time and optimized for the best viewing experience, allowing the pico projector output to be much more viewable without increasing native lumen output (and wincreasing power consumption). We call this ‘effective lumen’ improvement.’  VEE’s ability to increase effective lumens is done without an increase to the native lumen output of the projector light source. While increasing the native lumen output can lead to increased viewability, it will also severely reduce battery life in already power-starved devices.

The VEE-BCC-Pico solution is available as part of the ArcticLink® II VX series.

VEE and Pico Projectors
  • Increases viewability without increasing projector lumen output

  • Compatible with all popular projector engines including FLCOS, DLP and Laser

Ideal for Smartphone Devices

The VEE-Pico Catalog CSSP is ideal for pico projector-embedded smartphones to increase effective lumens

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