Low Power Camera Interface to BeagleBone

Parallel CAM I/F Solution for TI Sitara™ AM335x ARM® Cortex™ A8 Processors

The QuickLogic CAM I/F CSSP connects to the TI Sitara ARM335x general purpose memory interface (GPMC) and the parallel CAM I/F of various camera sensors. QuickLogic's CSSP consumes roughly 150mW less power than typical USB solutions, and is ideal for applications like portable data terminals, ruggedized handhelds, portable consumer, industrial handhelds and others. The BeagleBone is a ready-to-use, open-source hardware platform for rapid prototyping, firmware and software development. The BeagleBone can be expanded to add different features using add-on boards (also called capes). The Camera Cape includes QuickLogic’s CSSP and an Aptina 3.1 MP image sensor.

BeagleBone Dev Board
BeagleBone Development Board
  • Supports up to 5MP camera at 10fps with DMA

  • Reduces system power consumption up to 150mW

  • No software effort required for OEM

  • 6x6mm, non-HDI rules package

Market Segments

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Mobile POS
iStock 000033149704Small
Industrial Tablet
iStock 000020157386Small
Ruggedized Handheld
iStock 000023162039Small
Handheld Scanner
iStock 000005440474 Small
Home Security Video
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Portable Navigation

Software Download

CSSP-FPUN86-6494 Software https://github.com/beagleboard/kernel/tree/beaglebone-3.2
CSSP-FPUN86-6517 Patch


* Please install the software for CSSP-FPUN86-6494 first, then apply the patch to support 1280x720 at 30fps.



* TI provides an Android development kit which includes BeagleBone, LCD 7 cape, and Camera cape.

Where to Buy

Visit beagleboard.org to buy a BeagleBone and start developing.

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Visit beagleboardtoys.com to buy the BeagleBone Camera Cape.


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