Always-on Context Awareness

Enabled by the Flexible Fusion Engine

The Flexible Fusion Engine (FFE) performs all sensor algorithm processing in QuickLogic's ArcticLink® 3 S1/S2 ultra-low power sensor hubs. Capable of performing all processing functions sensor algorithms require, including addition, subtraction, multiplications, accumulation, absolute value, and conditional assignments, the FFE’s CISC-based ALU processing enables the sensor hub to operate as low as 1/10th the power consumption of other solutions.

S2 Sensor Hub Block Diagram
FFE Architecture



Flexible Fusion Engine (patented)
  • Finite state machine plus CISC-based Arithmetic Logic Unit processes all sensor data
  • Optional change detector for always-on context awareness
  • High speed, accurate, processing of multi-axis sensor data for motion sensor fusion
  • Optimized core for sensor fusion algorithms, saving power and logic space

  • Customizable for different sensor algorithms

  • Enables new applications and uses cases based on different contexts

  • Executes complex algorithms and forms virtual sensors

Available Platforms 

Platform Features
ArcticLink 3 S2

As sensor-based applications become more prevalent in the daily use of smartphones and wearable devices, sensor hubs will need increasing ability to store sensor data, store and run sensor algorithms and do those functions quicker. The ArcticLink 3 S2 is designed with those requirements specifically in mind -- that's why it has 2 times the processing ability, 4 times the algorithm capacity and 8 times the sensor data memory.

ArcticLink 3 S1

The ArcticLink 3 S1 Ultra-Low Power Sensor Hub (ULPSH) is the first device to meet the power thresholds and support the sensor processing functions required to make always-on sensors in smartphones, wearables and tablets a mainstream reality. Available as a Catalog CSSP featuring Sensor Platform Inc's FreeMotion library or as a fully OEM-configurable CSSP, the ArcticLink 3 S1 sensor hub is the best choice for power-conscious system designers.

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