Dramatically Lowers Display Power Consumption in Mobile Devices

Extends battery life without negative user experiences

The biggest consumer of battery life in a mobile device is the display. Displays consume an average of 50% of system power resources; and as they grow in resolution and size, this percentage grows. Within the display, the amount of power consumed is greatly linked to the brightness. A brighter display will be traditionally be more visible, but will consume more power than a dimmer display. QuickLogic’s Display Power Optimizer (DPO) technology can extend system battery life, in some cases by as much as 50%, without negatively affecting the user experience.

DPO Graph

Brighter displays are more visible but consumes more power

DPO works with QuickLogic’s VEE. As VEE gathers statistical information on a pixel-by-pixel, frame-by-frame basis to adjust the value of individual pixels contrast ratio, dynamic range, and color characteristics, DPO uses that same information to adjust the display brightness. In essence, VEE can increase the viewability of the display to such a degree that brightness can be significantly lowered while still providing a much better viewing experience. This lowering of display brightness results in system battery savings.


A commonly-used method of power savings is known as ‘auto-brightness’, which is found in most mobile products. This method simply adjusts display brightness according to ambient lighting—the brighter the viewing environment, the brighter the display. While this method will save power, it does nothing to actually increase the user experience. In fact, because brightness is adjusts globally, this method can actually reduce the contrast ratio of the display, resulting in the loss the details in the image. Other methods of power savings, such as CABC (Content Adaptive Brightness/Backlight Control) do lead to modest battery savings, but also have negative effects such as loss of details due to its global adjustments.

OEM-proven Battery Life Extensions

Display Size/Type/Form Factor Original Brightness Level Original System Power Design Emphasis DPO-enabled Brightness Level DPO-enabled System Power Total System Power Savings Battery Life Improvement
10.1" LCD Tablet 80% 4.54W DPO 30% 2.97W 1.56W 34%
7" LCD Tablet 90% 2.42W VEE/DPO 30% 1.42W 1.00W 41%
4" OLED Smartphone 100% 1.68W VEE 33% 1.4W 0.28W 17%

Display Power Optimizer has been implemented on numerous production OEM systems. The table above is a small sample of field-proven battery life extensions that have been obtained with DPO.

Intelligent Backlight Control

An additional feature of DPO HD+ (found in ArcticLink® III VX) is the unique ‘Intelligent Brightness Control’ (IBC) feature, which allows for additional reduction in display brightness when the displayed content is of lower contrast and dynamic range, such as a streamed video. IBC does not negatively impact display viewability, preserving the user experience. IBC-based power savings, which can be as high as 10%, are in addition to the power savings that DPO can provide.

Battery Life Extension

A traveler low on battery power can now finish a two-hour movie while on an airplane because DPO automatically adjusts the display backlight in real-time to extend battery life. When used in conjunction with QuickLogic's VEE technology, the user gets a great viewing experience the entire movie.

DPO tablet on

Backlight reduced by 70%, compensated by VEE

DPO tablet off

Backlight reduced by 70% without VEE

Available Platforms

Platform Features
ArcticLink III VX

The ArcticLink III VX CSSP Solution Platform family integrates Visual Enhancement Engine (VEE™) HD+, Display Power Optimizer (DPO) HD+ technologies with LVDS, MIPI and RGB interfaces including display bridging, interface pass through and dual output architectures into a single chip solution for consumer mobile devices. This highly integrated, yet flexible platform makes it the ideal solution for display subsystems of handheld portable devices.

ArcticLink II VX

The first solution platform family optimized for display subsystem processing in handheld, battery powered devices. All solution platforms in this family embed a hardwired, 2.0 version of the Visual Enhancement Engine technology (VEE) PSB and our Display Power Optimizer (DPO) PSB. Furthermore, a variety of display interface PSBs can be embedded in the ArcticLink II VX CSSP solution platforms.

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