High Quality Visual Experiences on Mobile Devices

Regardless of Ambient Lighting

In today’s mobile-dominated world, devices like smartphones and tablet have supplanted televisions as the viewing medium of choice. Content providers like movie studios and television broadcast networks are continually expanding their digital offerings, while mobile content portals such as Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix see continued increases in site traffic and bandwidth consumption every month. Yet, even with the amount of content available growing dramatically, mobile device users are often still disappointed with the visual experience on mobile devices. QuickLogic's VEE (Visual Enhancement Engine) technology greatly enhances the users viewing experience by optimizing the contents dynamic range, contrast, and color saturation based on a scientific model of the human visual system.


VEE On/Off Comparison

QuickLogic's VEE technology, based on the iridix technology from Apical Ltd., greatly enhances the users viewing experience by optimizing the contents dynamic range, contrast, and color saturation based on a scientific model of the human visual system. VEE technology accepts video data from the host processor/CPU, and by using data provided by an on-board ambient light sensor, optimizes video data pixel-by-pixel, frame-by-frame, to provide a natural viewing experience under any display brightness or in any ambient lighting condition. This means that regardless of how content changes (light to dark, high to low contrast, highly color saturated to matte), or where the user is viewing the content (dark room, bright sunlight, mixed lighting), a mobile device containing VEE will always produce a top quality viewing experience. This means no more waiting to view content, and a high degree of user satisfaction.

Improved Video Quality

A commuter goes from a train station to outdoors, while watching a movie, with display brightness automatically compensated. One benefit of VEE technology's viewability improvements is that the mobile device does not require greatly increased brightness in order to provide daylight viewing. The enhancement engine will compensate for the display's reduced contrast, ensuring a consistent high-quality viewing experience despite ambient lighting changes.

VEE on
Display under bright sunlight with VEE HD+ on

VEE off

Display under bright sunlight without VEE HD+

Enhanced Viewing of Still Pictures

A tourist takes a picture while sightseeing and can now see the detail captured in the picture on the display. These details would normally be lost due to the limited contrast ratio of these displays. With VEE, the details are now visible, reassuring the tourist that their vacation is being accurately captured.

The VEE enhancements arise from the re-mapping of image data to amplify subtle variations and make them more apparent to the eye. This image-dependent re-mapping addresses display limitations in two ways. First, it ensures that image details are preserved against truncation by the display's limited input range. Second, by taking into account the surrounding data values, the mapping enhances image detail in light and dark image areas appropriately.

While the pictures captured all along have been of good quality, the photographer is now assured of that through a great quality viewing experience.

VEE img on
Image on a camera display with VEE HD+ on
VEE img off
Image on a camera display without VEE HD+

Available Platforms

Platform Features
ArcticLink® III VX

The ArcticLink III VX CSSP Solution Platform family integrates Visual Enhancement Engine (VEE™) HD+, Display Power Optimizer (DPO) HD+ technologies with LVDS, MIPI and RGB interfaces including display bridging, interface pass through and dual output architectures into a single chip solution for consumer mobile devices. This highly integrated, yet flexible platform makes it the ideal solution for display subsystems of handheld portable devices.

ArcticLink II VX

The first solution platform family optimized for display subsystem processing in handheld, battery powered devices. All solution platforms in this family embed a hardwired, 2.0 version of the Visual Enhancement Engine technology (VEE) PSB and our Display Power Optimizer (DPO) PSB. Furthermore, a variety of display interface PSBs can be embedded in the ArcticLink II VX CSSP solution platforms.

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