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QuickLogic has been a trusted supplier of programmable logic (FPGAs and eFPGA IP Cores) for mission-critical applications for nearly three decades.

Our highly reliable programmable logic technology is trusted by numerous military and defense prime contractors for land, sea, air and space applications. Our technology has been production proven across numerous process nodes in multiple foundries.


Programmable logic is ideal for the implementation of military, aerospace and defense specific interfaces in COTS devices, chip-to-chip connectivity, system power reduction for longer battery life, system latency and redundancies, and product longevity for the decades our customers need to support their product lifecycles.

QuickLogic is a proud participant in the U.S. defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Toolbox Initiative as an authorized supplier of embedded FPGA IP and open-source FPGA tools. DARPA research teams will now be granted access to QuickLogic’s customizable eFPGA IP technology and 100% open source FPGA development tools.

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High Reliability FPGAs

Our FPGAs are ideal for high reliability, instant-on, aerospace and defense applications

  • Robust, 100% open-source FPGA tools with support for industry-standard synthesis tools
  • Ideal for the implementation of military, aerospace and aefense specific interfaces in COTS devices
  • Optimized for applications where quality, reliability, and decades of product longevity matter
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Embedded FPGA (eFPGA) IP

Our silicon-verified, production-proven eFPGA enables designers to integrate the flexibility and programmability of FPGA technology into their own SoC/ASIC designs.

  • Optimized for applications where quality, reliability, predictability matter
  • Robust, 100% open-source FPGA tools
  • We support a variety of process node / foundry combinations, including radiation hardened devices
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QuickLogic’s radiation-hardened eFPGA IP

First and only eFPGA IP technology for SkyWater RH90 process technology

  • Optimized for applications where quality, reliability, predictability matter
  • U.S.-owned and operated foundry for aerospace, defense and medical applications
  • Supported by both open-source and QuickLogic-proprietary FPGA user tools
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Securing eFPGA Bitstreams

SoCs using eFPGA technology can now be secured with Intrinsic ID's QuiddiKey, a PUF based security solution. The PUF gives each individual device a unique digital fingerprint, which can be used to generate an encryption root key whenever it is needed. This approach avoids the need to store the key and thus expose it to hackers. It also ensures that each key is unique to the specific device in which it is generated. The QuiddiKey solution includes the ability to:

  • Encrypt secret keys and data
  • Derive wrapping keys to protect other functions
  • Add and verify authentication tags and decrypt the associated contents
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