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Industry's first UCIe-Compatible FPGA Chiplet Ecosystem

Off-the-shelf building blocks for customer designed solutions

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QuickLogic and YorChip have unveiled the industry's first UCIe-compatible FPGA chiplets, designed specifically for low power consumption and cost-effective integration, targeting the demanding requirements of Edge IoT and AI/ML applications.

Innovative UCIe-Compatible FPGA Chiplets

First in the industry, enabling versatile and powerful applications by tiling from one to 16 FPGA chiplets.

High Performance at the edge

Connect with YorChip’s Quad 64 bit RISC-V chiplets to build high performance clusters of compute with low latency power and cost.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Economical without compromising on quality, ideal for a range of markets – built in 12nm high volume foundry.

Customizable System Design

Compatibility with UCIe third-party chiplets, allowing for customers to build their own bespoke system architecture.

Seamlessly build low latency applications

The built in UCIe switch offers low latency access from port to port and chiplet to chiplet in a few nanoseconds.

Low Power, High Efficiency

Tailored for energy-sensitive projects, ensuring optimal performance.

Flexible Integration for Edge IoT & AI/ML

Specifically designed to cater to the growing needs of these dynamic fields.

Interoperability Testing & Joint Promotion

Ensuring reliability and market readiness of third party UCIe compliant chiplet for integrated solutions.

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