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Radiation-Hardened eFPGA IP

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QuickLogic’s radiation-hardened eFPGA IP uses the company’s proven Australis eFPGA IP generation flow to provide customizable eFPGA IP optimized for space applications. This technology can be embedded as an IP element core in ASIC and SoC devices or implemented as a custom rad-hard FPGA for nearly any mission critical and/or ruggedized application. QuickLogic’s eFPGA technology is the first and only rad-hard embedded FPGA IP available for the U.S.-based SkyWater RH90 process.


First and only eFPGA IP technology for the SkyWater RH90 process

U.S.-owned and operated foundry for aerospace, defense and medical applications

Supported by both open-source and QuickLogic-proprietary FPGA user tools



The re-programmability of the technology enables post-manufacturing design flexibility, which allows single SoC or ASIC designs to serve multiple related applications, easily adapt to changing standards, and be re-configured in-orbit to meet mission-specific requirements.

Customizable HW Acceleration

Supports customized implementations for intellectual property protection and offloading and hardware acceleration for artificial intelligence / machine learning applications.

Cost effective

For defense and other long life cycle applications, eFPGA technology can extend device lifetime by enabling customers’ SoCs and ASICs able to accommodate system-level changes without incurring the high costs of creating and qualifying a new device. Another key benefit for eFPGA technology is the ability to upgrade the functionality after deployment.

Built for Space

Unlike other technologies that have simply been repurposed and then requalified for space applications, QuickLogic’s eFPGA IP has been designed from the start with space applications in mind. SkyWater’s RH90 process enables such devices while delivering the higher density, smaller physical size and higher performance enabled by their 90nm process technology. Strategic military, aerospace, and medical applications can benefit from these advantages as well since SkyWater’s U.S. fab is located onshore in Bloomington, MN, and the fact that the company is a participant in the DMEA Cat 1A Trusted Foundry Program.

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