Presentation from FPD

If you are unable to make it, you are welcomed to view the PDF version of today’s FPD Technology and Application Forum presentation here. A video of the actual presentation should be available in a few short weeks. Look for new blogs on the ArcticLink III VX starting tomorrow […]

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Digitimes Technical Forum Presentation

Hello readers, As the release on our website says, I’ll be presenting next week at the DigiTimes Technical Forum in Taipei.  I’ll be talking VEE and DPO, in particularly around how VEE and DPO solves the system designer’s issue with balancing viewability and power savings.  There will also be a bit more on DPO 2.0 […]

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QuickLogic’s Presentation from Digitimes Technical Forum

You can view QuickLogic’s presentation from the Digitimes Technical Forum at the following link: […]

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