Size Matters: How We Shrunk the ArcticLink III VX

As the final blog before we (OK, I) settle down for a long winters nap, I wanted to mention a few items about the size of the ArcticLink III VX device. Yes, we’ve shrunk the device 44% from 6 x 6 mm to 4.5 x 4.5 mm.  This is true for all 13 variants of […]

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Display Size and Smartphone Sales: A Continuing Trend?

It’s readily apparent to anyone that follows the smartphone market that display size has become a key selling factor.   To demonstrate this, I randomly looked at a few websites and printed advertisements from both carriers and device OEM’s, and sure enough the first specification I saw (after OS) was the aforementioned display size. A larger […]

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When Does a Smartphone Really Become a Tablet?

Smartphones are generally seen to have display sizes up to 4 inches, and in the world of tablets we see display sizes starting at 7 inches and going upwards. However, some indicators suggest smartphone displays may creep up the display size trail to 4.3, and even 5 inches. At 5 inches, is this really a smartphone […]

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