I want an Ice Cream Sandwich

The big news spreading around the techie blogosphere this week is Google announcement of Android 3.1, dubbed ‘Ice Cream Sandwich.’  While undoubtedly an expected boom for local purveyor of all things cold and yummy IT’S IT, the main benefit of Ice Cream Sandwich is that it promises to combine mobile phone and tablet OS architectures.   […]

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Ask the CEO, Questions Answered

Hello, and welcome to the first of hopefully many ‘Ask the CEO’ sessions here on QuickLogic’s HotSpots Blog.  I appreciate the time that our readers took to send in questions, and hope that you find this exercise worthwhile.  Now, to the questions: Q: How do we know VEE/DPO is used in a Phone/Tablet?  Is there […]

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QuickLogic’s MDDO

Greetings! The latest QuickLogic press release detailing our new MDDO (Mobile Device Display Optimizer) software for Android just crossed the wire.   I wanted to take a couple of seconds to explain what MDDO does in a little more detail. A bit of background: the Android mobile OS communicates with on-board devices (Bluetooth, displays, cameras, etc…) in standard […]

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