Presentation from Uplinq

Greetings! Mehul Kochar, QuickLogic’s Senior Business Development Manager, presented yesterday at the 2013 Uplinq Conference in San Diego.  As Qualcomm’s signature developers conference, Uplinq hosts thousands of attendees from various companies, including OEMs of components, software, applications, & hardware, plus wireless carriers and press.  A truly worldwide audience, Uplinq provides great visibility for our company.  […]

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On BeagleBone Camera Cape and CAM I/F

Today we announced our latest connectivity solution, the ‘CAM I/F’ camera interface solution for Texas Instruments Sitara line of processors.  Sitara is a lower-cost line of processors aimed for markets such as mobile enterprise, portable consumer, industrial tablet and industrial smartphone markets. As with all products, design trade-offs need to be made by makers of […]

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Increasing Connectivity Through Alternative Interfaces

For my first blog, I wanted to follow up on today’s press release by delving a little more into what exactly our SDIO-EBI2 solution does for customers. The primary benefit is connectivity efficiency.  In most instances, the modem chip set ‘talks’ with the applications processor through USB…and that solution works OK.  But it can be […]

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