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Hello from CES!

QuickLogic is demonstrating some of our many customer’ products here at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. In particular, we are showcasing designs from a number of our customers who have chosen our EOS™ S3 sensor processing platform for hearable, wearable and IoT applications. This year, you will notice we have an especially large number of hearable design wins reflecting the “voice is the new touch” trend we have been sharing over the past quarters.

There is one EOS S3 platform voice-based design win being shown by a customer that we would especially like to highlight. It is from a company called “Cleer, Inc.” for a product they call the Edge Voice headphone. This product allows customers using it to connect to Amazon’s Alexa voice services via Bluetooth technology to make calls, stream audio, order products, or check schedules and set reminders. As a bonus feature, it also includes built-in heart-rate monitoring. The product is so advanced it won a CES Innovation award.

Under the Hood

Some of the products and reference designs we have on hand in our demo suites at the Venetian include:

EOS S3 Demonstrations and Products:

1) EOS S3 Sensor Processing Platform, which features:
– Integrated LPSD and other technologies that enable always-listening capabilities with one-tenth the power consumption of other MCU-based devices
– Always-on, always-listening Alexa voice trigger integration and Alexa Voice Services connectivity using Bluetooth® and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
– Voice-controlled hearable, wearable and home automation

2) Stage Portable Bluetooth Speaker
– Demonstrating the Alexa voice trigger

3) Climax Smart Home Controller
– Showing example of local voice command and control

4) GGEC for TenCent Voice-Enabled Bluetooth Sport Earphone
– Enables cloud voice access

5) Reach Higher Bluetooth Enabled Headset
– With AEC and local voice command and control

6) Qiwo Bluetooth Headset
– Provides local voice command support for Alexa Assistant

7) Koppo Bluetooth Headset
– Provides local voice command support for Alexa Assistant

8) Aoni Bluetooth Headset
– Provides local voice command support for Alexa Assistant

Hearable Wearable_FINAL

ArcticPro embedded FPGA (eFGPA) IP

1) ArcticPro eFPGA for SoC developers, which enables:
– Hardware programmability for segments markets and longer time in markets
– Reduced time-to- market and R&D costs

If you’d like more information on CES in general, please visit the CES website at If you are attending or planning to attend, enjoy the show!

2 thoughts on “Hello from CES!

  1. Hi Brian, what I nice showing. The cordless Bluetooth speaker with Alexa, how cool. Now that you had physical products to show your customers at CES, how did that effect your close rate for new customers at the show. How do you believe it will effect your close rate in the coming weeks to months?

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