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Webcast: Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Cognitive Sensing at the Endpoint

Hosted by QuickLogic, ABI Research, General Vision, SensiML and Nepes

Friday, May 4th 2018
10:00 AM PDT
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AI has emerged as a key technology driver in the cloud and has vast potential to give rise to new applications at the endpoints of the compute universe. In many applications today, implementing AI requires compute resources in the cloud. However, there is a class of endpoint applications for which cloud-based AI isn’t practical. These applications often have unique requirements and challenges including the need for real time response, low and intermittent network bandwidth availability and limited power due to battery operation.

Join industry experts and ecosystem partners as we explore how AI can be deployed at the endpoint.

Why attend this webinar?
Registrants can expect to learn about:
• Market sizes, trends, and applications for AI-enabled devices
• Challenges of deploying AI at the endpoint of the network
• How a group of companies is collaborating to create an ecosystem to bring innovative solutions to these challenges
• How to quickly and efficiently implement AI solutions from a HW and SW perspective
• The challenges and benefits of deploying a comprehensive AI solution for industrial IoT endpoint applications

Featured Speakers
– Brian Faith, CEO, QuickLogic
– Malik Saadi, VP, Strategic Technologies, ABI Research
– Dr. Tim Saxe, CTO, QuickLogic
– Guy Paillet, Chairman and CEO, General Vision Inc.
– Chris Rogers, CEO/Founder, SensiML
– Jung-ho Anh, Senior VP Future Intelligence, Nepes

If you are unable to attend the live webinar, you may still register and then view the webinar at your convenience.

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