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World’s First eFPGA Technology on 22 FD-SOI Process

When GLOBALFOUNDRIES announced the introduction of a brand-new process technology “developed specifically to meet the ultra-low power requirements of the next generation of connected devices” (as they stated in their announcement’s press release), we knew that it would be a great fit for our ArcticPro™ 2 architecture, and in particular our embedded FPGA (eFPGA) technology which is built on that architecture. GF then went on to say that “the 22FDX® platform delivers FinFET-like performance and energy efficiency at a cost comparable to 28nm planar technologies” and that it was to be “the industry’s first 22nm two-dimensional, fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator (FD-SOI) technology.”

Wow – that’s a lot of semiconductor industry jargon, but if you are an SoC developer, the reason why you should care is that the 22nm FD-SOI process delivers a lot that end-consumers of SOCs really like – the right performance, low power, and low cost. We recognized the value early on and so part of the eFPGA initiative we introduced was a plan to offer our ArcticPro™ 2 eFPGA IP on the 22FDX process.

We are very pleased to say that we have executed on that plan and just issued our own press release announcing availability of this exciting combination. By embedding QuickLogic’s FPGA technology, you’ll recall, SoC designers can add a tremendous degree of post-manufacturing design flexibility to their devices. Combining that flexibility with the performance, low power, and low cost of the 22FDX process makes SoCs with eFPGA on 22FDX a winning play.

We believe that ArcticPro will be the world’s first implementation of eFPGA technology on any such FD-SOI process. That’s a big deal, and it goes to show how QuickLogic’s combination of mass production volume-shipped programmable logic technology and software along with our ability to readily migrate to some of the most advanced processes on the globe, positions us to deliver phenomenal value to our customers.

So, developers of SOCs for mobile, Internet-of-Things (IoT), and connectivity applications take note. We’ve got just the right eFPGA technology, on just the right process node, available at just the right time in the evolution of our industry. Contact us and we’d be happy to tell you more.

2 thoughts on “World’s First eFPGA Technology on 22 FD-SOI Process

  1. Sounds interesting and promising. Hopefully all the Developments and work from the past will Result in opportunities to Show the advantages of your Technology with a lot of orders and licence-agreements following. Looking forward to the upcoming conference-call to Hear more about the latest Business-developments. Good Luck!

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