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Rest of the Hearables Market to Follow now That Apple has Caught On

Recently Apple introduced a new second-generation version of their popular AirPods wireless headphones. These headphones not only deliver a great audio experience, but they now offer enhanced hands-free voice-controlled features. Specifically, a new chip design dramatically improves talk time through lower power consumption leading to longer battery life. It also gives users the ability to invoke Siri to choose different songs, initiate phone calls, ask for directions or control the volume. Clearly, Apple has seen the value of integrating always-on voice interactivity and making that feature as power efficient and user friendly as possible.

Sound familiar? It should, as delivering enhanced voice capabilities has been a mantra here at QuickLogic for a couple of years now. Our EOS™ S3 voice and sensor processing platform and its associated development environment have been enabling developers all over the world to add voice interactivity to their products without the need to create a new piece of silicon as Apple did. Companies of all sizes are now delivering voice-enabled products thanks to our platform and its amazing capabilities. Examples include tablets, wi-fi modules, and Bluetooth®-connected headsets and earbuds, but there are really almost no limitations.

If you’ve been considering integrating always-on, always-listening voice capabilities for your product – let us show you how easy it is to do with our complete EOS S3 voice integration platform. Check out our EOS S3 page, or contact your local QuickLogic salesperson, rep or distributor to learn more.

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