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EDA Cafe Video & LCA Presentation

EDA Café Video Interview with Brian Faith
Brian Faith spoke with Sanjay Gangal of EDA Café about QuickLogic’s technology, device and their support of Open Source software like Zephyr, FreeRTOS, Symbiflow & Antmicro. Brian also shared why open source is a game changer for the future of technology. You can watch the interview at

Presentation at Linux Conference Australia
CTO Tim Saxe demonstrated how Open Source MCU and FPGA tools can be used to build intelligent edge devices in a matter of minutes with an Air Quality Index sensor and a LoRa radio. Brian Faith followed up with a discussion on why QuickLogic is building its future on top of Open Source FPGA tools. Replay the archived video from “Down Under” at

2 thoughts on “EDA Cafe Video & LCA Presentation

  1. Brian, I enjoyed listening to the interview. One of my college room mates got his degree in
    forestry from Iowa State University. Your uncle did you a favor. Best to you and Quick Logic
    in 2021 and beyond.

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