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Announcing the Winners of the Challenge Climate Change Contest

QuickLogic SensiML

A huge congratulations to the winners of the Challenge Climate Change contest!

Our thanks to all the participants. We had six winners who came up with the best ideas for applications using QuickLogic’s Open Source QuickFeather Development Kit and SensiML’s Analytics Studio Toolkit to create smart IoT solutions to help tackle climate change.

Best Battery-Powered PoCs
1. Forest Guardian by Pratyush Mallick – A low-power solar-run device that detects illegal logging using acoustic data.
2. Protect Peatlands by Mithun Das – A solar-powered device designed to conserve peatlands by predicting early signs of drying, drought or fire.
3. Illegal Logging Detector by Alejandro Sanchez – A low-power battery-operated device that detects a chainsaw and human voice in the forest.

Best Line-Powered PoCs
1. Optimization of HVAC Performance by Ralph Yamamoto – A remote sensing device that monitors and adjusts the performance of a residential HVAC system to improve energy efficiency.
2. BirdBuddy by Kevin Loeffler – An audio-sensing device to track the changing migration patterns of specific birds to better allocate conservation resources.
3. Breeze by Attila Tőkés – A sensor and communication device that monitors air quality and other environmental factors, specifically designed for areas where such monitoring is unavailable or insufficient.

The Climate Change Challenge contest was done in collaboration with the Avnet online community, which has over 1.5M members across 150 countries. The problem of climate change is well known. Technical innovation can play a critical role in slowing and ultimately stemming this tide – that’s why QuickLogic and SensiML created this challenge. By providing silicon, software, and development boards as part of an open-source environment and delivering those to the development community at large, the companies can reach the broadest set of innovators possible.

The QuickFeather Development Kit and the SensiML toolkit combine to create an ideal platform which enables developers to add AI and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to endpoint IoT applications quickly. The kit features the QuickFeather board with a small form factor board powered by QuickLogic’s EOS™ S3, the first FPGA-enabled Arm Cortex®-M4F MCU to be fully supported by the Zephyr RTOS. The SensiML Analytics Toolkit is integrated with the QuickFeather Development Kit and adds the capability for designers to create “smart” IoT applications using AI and AutoML technology for low-power processors and MCUs without requiring major compute resources or cloud connectivity.

For more info and details on these outstanding projects, please visit Hackster.

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