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QuickLogic Joins Intel Foundry Accelerator IP and USMAG Alliance Programs


We are proud to become a partner in the Intel Foundry IP and USMAG Alliance Programs. These partnerships mark a significant milestone in QuickLogic’s strategic growth plan by enabling us to offer our unique and fully customizable eFPGA Hard IP optimized for Intel’s 18A process. Please see our June 18th press release for more details and comments from Intel.

The Intel Foundry IP Alliance and USMAG (United States Military, Aerospace and Government) Alliance are strategic alliances within the Intel Foundry Accelerator. The following are brief excerpts from Intel’s website:

Intel Foundry IP Alliance: “With the increasing complexity of system on Chip (SoC) design, IP=based design has become the preferred path to achieve high performance designs and accelerate time to market.” Intel Foundry has partnered with the industry-leading IP partners to form its Intel foundry Accelerator IP Alliance. Partners in this alliance collaborate with Intel Foundry to enable designers to access high-quality IPs, supporting their design needs and project schedule, while optimizing for performance, power and area (PPA).”

Intel USMAG Alliance: “National security and government applications focus on securing vital information systems and decision networks, requiring scalable design and production capabilities.’ “A closely coordinated effort between leading-edge manufacturers and their EDA, IP and design service partners is crucial to deliver the functional and operational security required by MAG applications.”

The Intel Foundry Accelerator USMAG alliance is built on Intel’s leadership role in the U.S., Department of Defense (DoD) Rapid Assured Microelectronics Prototypes – Commercial (RAMP-C) program. RAMP-C has a significant scope and funding.

Intel was selected to lead the First Phase of RAMP-C in 2021, with collaborative partners such as Microsoft, Nvidia, IBM, Cadence, and Synopsis. Phase two brought in Boeing and Northrop Grumman. Two months ago, Intel announced the award of Phase Three, which opens the stage for test chips and multiple commercial and Defense Industrial Base (DIB) prototype tape-outs based on Intel 18A that will use new IP and ecosystem tools.

QuickLogic has over three decades of experience in the Programmable Logic industry and has shipped over 50 million devices to a broad range of customers, supporting aerospace and defense, industrial, security, communications and consumer applications. When combined with QuickLogic’s proprietary Australis eFPGA Hard IP Generator and open-source User Tools, we have the unique ability to deliver optimized eFPGA Hard IP cores based on customer-defined LUT density, embedded Block RAM, embedded DSP blocks, and operating environments without compromising time-to-market.

We believe these unique strengths and our new partnership with Intel will enable us to provide valuable IP for Intel 18A customers.

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