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And Because SenseMe Isn’t Just for Fitness….

A few days ago, we released a video of some of the fitness use cases that SenseMe™ can enable.  While fitness is definitely one the leading (if not the leading) use cases for today’s wearables, we’d be neglectful in not talking about what else SenseMe offers.  So, another video…   SenseMe is ever-evolving.   Our algorithms […]

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Lowering Power Consumption with the S2 LP

Hello, and thanks for reading! In QuickLogic news, we announced our ArcticLink 3 S2 LP today, a silicon variant of the standard S2.   The S2 LP offers a solution to OEMs who need the absolute lowest power for their wearable devices.  Now, the S2 LP does absolutely everything the standard S2 does — but […]

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Want to Learn More About the Latest Trends in Sensor Hubs? Join the Webinar

Greetings! QuickLogic will be hosting a webinar entitled Mobile Sensor Deployment: Making the Whole Greater than the Sum of its Parts on Thursday, January 29th at 8:30 AM Pacific.  This webinar, presented by members of the QuickLogic Marketing and CTO staffs, will focus on the mobile (smartphone and wearable) sensor hub ecosystem, including various approaches, […]

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