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QuickAI™ Platform Covered by Linley Group

As you know, we launched the QuickAI™ platform for endpoint Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications a couple of weeks ago. The editorial community has been very interested in this new platform which provides an all-inclusive low power solution and development environment to economically incorporate the benefits of AI in endpoint applications.

Mike Demler, Senior Analyst at The Linley Group covered QuickAI Platform.

“Thanks to QuickLogic and its partners, dumb IoT sensors needn’t go off to see the wizard for a brain. Working with three other vendors, it designed the QuickAI hardware-development kit (HDK): a PCB that measures 2.35″ x 1.35″ and integrates the company’s EOS-S3 sensor hub with two neural-network chips. By offering the integrated prototyping platform, QuickLogic aims to develop an ecosystem based on its embedded-FPGA chips. The kit eases hardware/software prototyping and algorithm development, targeting real-time gesture, object, speech, and other pattern recognition in low-power IoT end points…”

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