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QuickLogic, Infineon and Flex Deliver Complete Development-to-Production Solution for IoT Endpoint Applications

This week at CES, QuickLogic and Infineon will showcase the FLEXino Sensor Fusion Development Kit from global supply chain and manufacturing company Flex. This kit includes a sensor fusion daughter board which features QuickLogic’s EOS S3 SoC ultra-low power voice and sensor processing platform along with Infineon’s DPS310 digital barometric pressure sensor and IM69D130 digital MEMS microphone plus a 6-axis IMU and a 64Mb SPI flash. The FLEXino kit is highly flexible and is a great choice for developers who need to quickly develop and prototype any of a broad range of IoT devices. In addition, the kit features a small form factor integrating many of the most common sensors used in a variety of commercial, industrial, and consumer applications.

Furthermore, Flex has developed a complementary 12mm x 12mm System-in-Package (SiP) version of the development board which can be “dropped in” to a system to free the host processor from having to directly support always-on sensor fusion compute loads.

Our collaboration with Flex and Infineon is important for two reasons. First, IoT developers now have a complete, seamless, and world class prototyping-to-high volume manufacturing solution for a wide range of applications. Second, the collaboration itself shows that QuickLogic’s EOS S3 Voice and Sensor Processing Platform has become a critical element of the tech world’s IoT development ecosystem.

More information is available in the Flex press release making the announcement {click here}, and if you are planning on visiting CES please contact us to set up a visit to our suite or see the kit at the Infineon booth.

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