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Boxing Punching Bag Demo

Data Labeling

One of the demonstrations in the SensiML™ suite is a boxing punching bag to identify the different punches and frequency. The takeaway from this demo is how simple it is to build application-specific sports wearable algorithms using SensiML Analytics Toolkit software. This demo shows the accurate detection of jabs, uppercuts, hooks, and overhand punches making it very easy to generate a wearable boxing training application that can guide users on proper form and technique, count repetitions, timing, and duration of workout sessions.

The results are collected by a miniaturized sensor module capturing a 3-axis accelerometer and gyro data with results calculated locally (without data being sent to the cloud) in real-time on the sensor itself. Data sent wirelessly to a companion mobile application running on a tablet/phone includes just recognized punch type and feature extraction for the given model so user application integration is extremely simple.

This is a fine example of how many similar ‘long tail’ sports wearable applications can be built quickly and efficiently using the SensiML Analytics Toolkit.

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