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Glass Break Detector Demo at CES

The internet of things has made it easier for us to set up a smart home that offers additional security. A lot of us rest easier knowing that we’ll be alerted if a window or a door is opened. How about when an intruder breaks a glass window or door? Yes, there are alarm systems on the market today that react to such sounds, but more often than not the sound being picked up is a result of innocent things like pets or movie background noises.

Infineon has worked to mitigate these false alarms by combining audio with pressure information in its alarm system, ensuring that it reacts only when a real event is detected. This significantly reduces the number of false alarm calls, not to mention unnecessary adrenaline rushes. To add this extra layer of verification to its alarm system, Infineon employed the QuickLogic EOS S3 Voice and Sensor Processing Platform that includes a Low Power Sound Detection (LPSD) block, Sensor Manager and Flexible Fusion Engine (FFE). Combined with Infineon’s cutting edge sensor fusion software that synchronizes the information from the microphone and pressure sensor, false alarms are virtually nonexistent.

The Infineon Alarm System (IAS) reference design, powered by QuickLogic’s EOS S3, is being showcased in the QuickLogic suite at CES 2020.

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