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Today, together with Crowd Supply and SparkFun, we announced the next generation of QuickFeather called SparkFun Thing Plus – QuickLogic EOS S3. This new development kit is being manufactured and sold by SparkFun, a popular online retailer of electronic kits and components, and will launch exclusively on Crowd Supply, a well-known online distribution platform. Later the kit will also be available through SparkFun and QuickLogic and our collective worldwide distribution channels.

We’re excited by the kit as it combines SparkFun’s Thing Plus form factor with our EOS S3 MCU + eFPGA SoC and includes a Qwicc® connector which makes it easy to connect over 150 different sensors, accessories, and peripherals without soldering. Plus, the fact that the kit follows the philosophy of our QORC initiative and has 100% open source software support makes it accessible to everyone.

The SparkFun Thing Plus – QuickLogic EOS S3 fits seamlessly into a vast hardware and software ecosystem and its inherently flexible software and hardware implementation capability means it has an almost unlimited number of use cases. However, we think it is especially well suited to developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) enabled capabilities for edge IoT applications using the SensiML toolkit.

We invite you to take a look at the Crowd Supply site and think about all the possible uses you have for this kit. The possibilities are literally endless.

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