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QuickLogic and the DARPA Toolbox Initiative

As we discussed on several of our previous earnings calls over the past year, we have undertaken multiple strategic initiatives to broaden the served markets for our programmable logic and to do so in a more scalable way.

Initially, this started with the announcement of our QuickLogic Open Reconfigurable Computing (QORC) initiative, which resulted in QuickLogic embracing and contributing to a 100% Free and Open Source FPGA Toolchain and 100% Open Source Hardware Dev Kits.

During our February 2021 earnings call, we shared how QuickLogic and The University of Utah, or UofU, sought to initiate discussions approximately 18 months ago on how we could integrate advanced semiconductor layout automation techniques into QuickLogic’s FPGA IP Compiler tool, called Borealis. This endeavor sought to leverage UofU’s research in open source automation techniques – which is DARPA-funded research as part of the Electronics Resurgence Initiative – and QuickLogic’s deep domain expertise in commercializing FPGA technology across numerous foundries and process nodes with high reliability, quality, and manufacturing in volume.

The results of that work lead not only to a dramatic reduction in the time it takes us to target a new process node with our eFPGA technology, but also lead to an invitation to join the DARPA Toolbox Initiative. This invitation represented a significant milestone for us as now our technology becomes broadly available to developers working on DARPA-related research projects – quite a large pool of potential customers as you might imagine.

We believe QuickLogic is now particularly well-positioned to meet the needs of this customer base for three reasons. First is our eFPGA technology and our ability to easily re-target it to new process nodes as I mentioned above. Second is our QuickLogic Open Reconfigurable Computing (QORC) initiative and its corresponding embrace of open source tools. (This is especially important for Aerospace and Defense customers who often are designing for long life-cycle applications and need to know that tool support will still be available ten or twenty years down the road.) Third is our decades-long reputation for reliability and long-term commitment to producing technology and products for the Aerospace and Defense market.

Overall, great news for us, our customers, and ultimately for our bottom line.

Read the press release of this announcement.



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