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Happy New Year!


Welcome to 2022, everyone. I’m really excited by the potential it holds as all the work we’ve been putting in over the last few years starts coming to fruition. While those efforts resulted in many new initiatives and products for the company, I’d like to take a minute to highlight a handful of the most important…

QuickLogic Open Reconfigurable Computing (QORC)
QORC was probably our single most important initiative last year. In it, we actively embraced a fully open source suite of development tools for our FPGA technology, embedded processors, and embedded FPGA (eFPGA) IP. This support is significant as it dramatically broadens the scope and reach of our technology and positions us well for growth this year.

QuickFeather and Qomu Development Boards
These two development boards reflect the fact that our open-source philosophy isn’t just limited to software support. QuickFeather is a tiny board (about a quarter of the size of a credit card) which makes it easy for AI/IoT developers to access the features of our EOS S3 SoC and multiple on-board sensors. Qomu is even smaller, the size of a USB thumb drive. It plugs directly into standard USB ports, allowing anyone with a computer to become a developer.

Australis eFPGA IP Generator
Embedded FPGA technology has huge potential across a broad range of industries. By including FPGA fabric in their own SoCs, our customers create a high degree of hardware flexibility which can enable them to add new features, address adjacent applications and market segments, and extend the life of their products. The challenge has always been how to support all of the different foundry/process node combinations out there in a cost and development time-efficient manner – Australis addresses that issue head-on. Based on the OpenFPGA framework, Australis enables QuickLogic to port our eFPGA IP to nearly any process node from any foundry, and generate customer-ready IP in a matter or a few months for a new process node, or as fast as days for an existing processing node. That’s a factor of at least 6X better than we had before.

These are just a few of the many programs and products we have recently introduced and collectively they add up to a great position for us as we start the new year. So, fasten your seatbelts as we set off on our journey through 2022!

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