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eFPGA IP 2.0 – Enabling Mass Customization with FPGA Technology

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Combining more than three decades of experience designing and shipping FPGAs, FPGA-based SoCs, and eFPGA IP cores, with modern automated layout techniques and backed by open source FPGA user tools.

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Limitless broad foundry and process technology support

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Time-to-Custom-GDSII in days

Low cost
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A fraction of the cost of traditionally built eFPGA IP cores

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Extensive IP integration and FPGA User Tool support

Enabled by QuickLogic’s Australis IP Generator and flexible choice of FPGA User Tools

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What is Australis?

Australis is QuickLogic’s eFPGA IP Generator, blending our three decades of deep domain expertise in designing and shipping programmable logic architectures that are silicon-efficient, reliable, high quality, and manufacturable at scale with the silicon design automation capabilities of the OpenFPGA project.


  • Fast-time to market – Customized eFPGA IP cores that meet your development window
  • Flexibility to meet your SoC design requirements – Optimized for your Power, Performance and Area requirements
  • Cost effective – our automated approach means cores are customized to your requirements with substantially less cost and time, meeting your cost targets.


  • eFPGA IP can be generated / customized to any foundry / process technology within days for a process we already support and within a quarter for new process technologies
  • eFPGA optimizations for performance, power or area are available
  • Multiple eFPGA architectures from LUT4 to LUT6, variable routing density, and more
  • Variety of eFPGA array sizes with option to include Block RAM and/or DSPs blocks


eFPGA IP 2.0 Development Flow

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We understand that everyone’s needs are unique; we believe in mass customization – the process of delivering cost effective eFPGA cores and FPGA User Tools that satisfy your needs, not just providing you with the same core everyone else uses. Our unique Development Flow enables you with the tools and support to determine the right core for your requirements, and then deliver it to you for a successful project.

eFPGA User Tools

QuickLogic’s QORC Initiative (QuickLogic Open Reconfigurable Computing) redefined the paradigm for Programmable logic and brought it to the 21 st century, with open source at its heart. QuickLogic gives you the choice for FPGA/eFPGA user tools with either a 100% open source SymbiFlow or the QuickLogic proprietary Aurora tool built on top of open source tools.

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Previously Silicon-Proven IP cores

We are developing new process nodes that will offer improved performance, power efficiency, and density. Contact QuickLogic to learn more about our latest technologies and how they can help you achieve your design goals.

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