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Always-on voice recognition remote controls with months of battery life

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EOS S3 enables long battery life for TV and Set-Top-Box remote controls with optimized audio path

Always-on voice recognition in remote controls is the new way to interact with TVs and OTT boxes. EOS S3 Voice, combined with one of our third party wake word detection algorithm partners, consumes very little power while still having great performance - with only one microphone


  • Months of battery life without sacrificing user experience


  • Dedicated Low Power Sound Detection (LPSD) hardware to listen while the rest of EOS S3 sleeps
  • 80MHz Cortex®-M4F core with 1-mic close talk operation with Retune DSP voice recognition solution.
  • Always-on Low-Power Sound Detection at 50uA (@Vbatt)


EOS S3: Remote Control Application Block Diagram

EOS S3: Remote Control Application Block Diagram

Ecosystem Partners

Retune DSP
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