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EOS S3-AI: Build customized IoT edge algorithms in just days or weeks

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Kickstart your development with the SensiML toolkit optimized to run on S3-AI

Add low power AI inferencing to end point devices easily with SensiML and QuickAI


QuickLogic’s QuickAI platform for endpoint artificial intelligence (AI) applications provides an all-inclusive low power solution and development environment to economically incorporate the benefits of AI in endpoint applications. ​


  • Ultra low power SoC optimized for IoT applications​
  • Bundled with SensiML AutoML tool for endpoint AI development​


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"From its inception, SensiML has focused on enabling the practical and efficient implementation of AI by companies that don't have the significant data science resources commonly required to respond to the increasing market demand for localized AI. By joining forces with QuickLogic, we believe we will accelerate our quest to democratize the benefits of localized AI across a vast number of applications."

Chris Rogers
CEO of SensiML

The SensiML Endpoint AI Workflow

SensiML Analytics Toolkit suite automates each step of the process for creating optimized AI IoT sensor recognition code. The overall workflow uses a growing library of advanced ML and AI algorithms to generate code that can learn from new data either the development phase or once deployed.


Product Videos

Introduction to EOS S3

Industrial IoT Vibration Sensor with Edge AI Inferencing

Introduction to QuickFeather, EOS S3 Open Source Hardware Dev Kit

Introduction to QuickFeather, EOS S3 Open Source Hardware Dev Kit (Chinese)

Downloading Firmware eFPGA Binaries using TinyFPGA

Running “Hello World” on a QuickFeather Dev Kit

Webinar: Endpoint AI Without Writing Code

SensiML Overview

Webinar: Connecting New I2C Sensors to QuickFeather Dev Board & Capturing Data in SensiML

SymbiFlow with QuickFeather – A simple FPGA Programming Example

Connecting QuickFeather and Data Capture Lab over WiFi: A configuration guide utilizing the ESP32

SymbiFlow with QuickFeather – A simple FPGA Programming Example


S3 Technical Reference Manual

Technical Resource Manual
Read Manual

QuickFeather to ESP32 WiFi/BT


Example application connecting QuickFeather to ESP32, implementing a UART to HTTP bridge for simple sensor streaming interface.

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Flashing QuickFeather Firmware


Firmware for flashing a QuickFeather device with data collection firmware for use with SensiML Data Capture Lab.

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Getting Started with the QuickFeather Dev Kit and SensiML


This video walks through how to get started with QuickLogic's QuickFeather Development Kit and the SensiML Analytics Toolkit.

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EOS S3: AI - Block Diagram

Block Diagram

EOS S3: AI - Software Topology

Topology Diagram

EOS S3: Microcontroller Block Diagram

EOS S3: Microcontroller Block Diagram

EOS S3: Voice + Sensor Hub Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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