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Build Robust AI-enabled Industrial IoT applications with QuickAI

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QuickAI is optimized for use with SensiML's AI Software toolkit, enabling you to build more intelligent IoT edge & endpoint applications

With the advent of Industry 4.0 and the proliferation of IoT, there is a need to make smarter devices that process the sensor data AND make decisions LOCALLY. Traditional cloud-based approaches to designing AI systems make it difficult to migrate AI to endpoint devices due to aggressive battery life, processing capability and environmental constraints. These limitations and requirements call for a different type of artificial intelligence at the endpoint device – one that is zero latency, low power, low cost and easy to train. Security is a non-factor as sensor data never leaves the endpoint device, like in traditional cloud based AI systems.


  • The QuickAI HW/SW platform includes the SensiML Analytics Toolkit that enables OEMs to develop AI software for a broad array of resource-constrained time-series sensor endpoint applications. These include a wide range of consumer and industrial sensing applications including wearables, mobile, predictive maintenance, factory automation, structural health monitoring and smart harvesting equipment.


  • QuickAI: An integrated HW/SW solution that enables AI for IoT devices
  • Low power sensor processing
  • Data capture lab for data collection, labeling and training
  • Data analytics SW for AI model and classifier generation
  • Automatic firmware development for the QuickAIAI multi-core SoC platform
  • eFPGA low power implementation for HW acceleration and feature extraction

Product Video

Industrial IoT Vibration Sensor with Edge AI Inferencing


QuickFeather to ESP32 WiFi/BT


Example application connecting QuickFeather to ESP32, implementing a UART to HTTP bridge for simple sensor streaming interface.

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Flashing QuickFeather Firmware


Firmware for flashing a QuickFeather device with data collection firmware for use with SensiML Data Capture Lab.

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QuickAI: Industrial IoT Application Block Diagram

QuickAI: Industrial IoT Application Block Diagram

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