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Smart Bluetooth TWS headsets with always-on wake word and sensor hub

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Adding always-on wake word detection to your Bluetooth TWS headset is easy with pre-qualified Alexa wake word support or a custom wake word.

Handsfree operation is a "must have" in today's hearables. EOS S3 Voice with ultra low power consumption, tiny footprint and best-in-class 1-mic or 2-mic close talk capability is the best solution


  • High accuracy voice detection in noisy environments
  • Preserving battery life while always listening for wake word phrase
  • Fast Time-to-Market for consumer products


  • Dedicated Low Power Sound Detection (LPSD) hardware to listen while rest of chip sleeps - consuming only at 50uA @Vbatt
  • 80MHz M4F core to run 2-mic beam-forming noise suppression and leading-edge voice recognition solutions
  • EOS S3 software package running leading-edge wake word engines

Alexa Dev Kit

The Amazon-qualified QuickFeather AVS Reference Design empowers OEMs and ODMs to evaluate and develop their own smart hearable products quickly and easily. This kit integrates the Alexa voice-initiated Close-Talk experience, enabling a broad set of battery-powered applications to communicate directly with Alexa for a multitude of use cases. In addition, OEMs and ODMs can optionally integrate multiple AI-based motion, sound and other AI use cases based on SensiML’s AI Software Platform.

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EOS S3: Hearable Application Block Diagram

EOS S3: Hearable Application Block Diagram

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