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Adding voice recognition to existing home appliances

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Single mic or dual mic close talk wake word detection and sensor hub can be added easily to your existing device

Add Alexa keyword detection to existing home appliances with EOS S3 Voice


  • High accuracy voice detection in noisy environments
  • Preserving battery life while always listening for wake word phrase
  • Fast Time-to-Market for consumer products


  • Hardware-optimized low power sound detection​
  • Supports 1 and 2 microphone use cases​
  • Low voltage option for 33% power reduction​
  • Integrated Arm Cortex M4F with open SDK


QuickFeather to ESP32 WiFi/BT


Example application connecting QuickFeather to ESP32, implementing a UART to HTTP bridge for simple sensor streaming interface.

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Flashing QuickFeather Firmware


Firmware for flashing a QuickFeather device with data collection firmware for use with SensiML Data Capture Lab.

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EOS S3: Smart Appliances Application Block Diagram

EOS S3: Smart Appliances Application Block Diagram

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