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EOS S3: MCU + eFPGA SoC with 100% Open Source Development Tools

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Quickly get started in your next embedded design with EOS S3 complete open source platform

To enable the fast-pace of innovation, today’s engineers need development tools that integrate with their existing work-flows – the way you want.


  • Easy-to-use, low cost dev kit and open source software toolchains integrates into your own work flow​
  • With multiple product delivery packages (CSP, BGA, SiP, Module), you have the flexibility to choose what is best for YOUR system
  • Go from idea to prototype to mass production quickly with the EOS S3 SoC


  • 100% Free and Open Source Tools including:​
  • Zephyr and FreeRTOS for integrated Arm Cortex®-M4F MCU​
  • SymbiFlow supports Verilog-to-bitstream for integrated eFPGA
  • Renode SoC emulation for pre-hardware software development​


S3 Technical Reference Manual

Technical Resource Manual
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QuickFeather to ESP32 WiFi/BT


Example application connecting QuickFeather to ESP32, implementing a UART to HTTP bridge for simple sensor streaming interface.

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Flashing QuickFeather Firmware


Firmware for flashing a QuickFeather device with data collection firmware for use with SensiML Data Capture Lab.

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EOS S3: Microcontroller Block Diagram

EOS S3: Microcontroller Block Diagram

EOS S3: Voice + Sensor Hub Block Diagram

Block Diagram

EOS S3: AI - Block Diagram

Block Diagram

EOS S3: AI - Software Topology

Topology Diagram

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