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Display Interface Bridge Devices

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The ultra-low power ArcticLink® III BX family of devices bridge between MIPI DSI, LVDS and RGB interfaces used by processors and displays for a wide range of mobile consumer, industrial and medical devices. ArcticLink III BX bridges mismatched interface standards between the display and processor, enabling single-chip bridging solutions at lower cost and low power.

QuickLogic has shipped more than 50 million display bridges across the Consumer and Industrial markets. The bridge solutions support RGB, MIPI DSI, and LVDS at up to WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolutions.

ArticLink III ArticLink

ArcticLink III BX Display Bridge

Ultra-Low Power FPGAs for Consumer and Industrial IoT Applications


  • Enables use of lower cost or highly custom displays with state-of-the-art processors by bridging mismatched display interfaces
  • Driver source code makes it easy to integrate into host operating system


  • MIPI DSI or RGB inputs; MIPI-DSI, LVDS, and/or RGB outputs
  • Single bridge or dual output options
  • Small 4.5x4.5mm package size
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ArcticLink III Parts

Bridge Description Ordering Part Number Max Resolution (60 FPS) Data Sheets
MIPI4-to-LVDS2 CSSP-BMFDN120 1920 x 1200 QL ArcticLink III BX53D Device Data Sheet.pdf
RGB-to-LVDS CSSP-BPFDN120 1280 x 800 QL ArcticLink III BX5A1D Device Data Sheet.pdf
RGB-to-LVDS2 CSSP-BQFDN120 1920 x 1200 QL ArcticLink III BX5A3D Device Data Sheet.pdf
MIPI2-to-LVDS CSSP-BLFDN120 1280 x 800 QL ArcticLink III BX5B1D Device Data Sheet.pdf
MIPI4-to-RGB CSSP-BGFDN120 1920 x 1200 QL ArcticLink III BX5B3A Device Data Sheet.pdf
MIPI2-to-RGB CSSP-BEFDN120 1366 x 768 QL ArcticLink III BX5B1A Device Data Sheet.pdf
RGB-to-MIPI4 CSSP-BJFDN120 1920 x 1200 QL ArcticLink III BX5A3B Device Data Sheet.pdf
RGB-to-MIPI2 CSSP-BHFDN120 1366 x 768 QL ArcticLink III BX5A1B Device Data Sheet.pdf
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For further information or questions, please check the Display Bridge Forum. If you don’t find what you need, post your question and we’ll answer as soon as we can.
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