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QuickLogic's FPGA Legacy Software

QuickLogic provides a complete design environment for our legacy Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) designs.


QuickLogic development software helps you increase productivity, shorten design cycles, achieve design performance and power requirements quickly and efficiently.


QuickWorks® supports Windows operating systems, and provides a comprehensive design environment ranging from schematic and HDL-base design entry, HDL language editors and tutorials, logic synthesis, place and route, timing analysis, and simulation support. QuickLogic has partnered with Mentor Graphics and Aldec Inc. to provide industry leading synthesis and simulation tools, as well as provide an interface to other industry standard EDA tools.

QuickLogic FPGA Software Flow

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Software Download

Please read the software license agreement.

Product Family Required Software Size Updated Download Notes
PolarPro 3, PolarPro 3E QL-Yosys-v1 + QuickWorks 2016.1.1 71.8 MB 1-Feb-22 Open Source Synthesis and QuickWorks package
pASIC 3, QuickRAM, pASIC 1, pASIC 2 QuickWorks 9.7.4 301.4 MB 5-Feb-08 QuickWorks 9.7.4 For EOL devices. Please make sure you don't have any other QuickWorks versions installed on your system.

License installation instructions: Please copy the license file to the data directory of your SpDE installation. The default installation directory path is C:\pasic\spde\data\license.dat.
PolarPro2, PolarPro, Eclipse II and Eclipse I QuickWorks 2010.4.1 207 MB 19-Jan-11 QuickWorks 2010.4.1 This version doesn't include Mentor Graphics Precision Synthesis. Please download Mentor Graphics Precision Synthesis and Synthesis Library separately.
QL9600 Software 1.35a 4.9 MB 9-Jun-15 QL9600 Software for System General Programmers
QuickPro 9.4.1 RC3 64 MB
IBIS Model Visual Editor/Viewer Download from

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