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Aurora 2.4 Development Tool: Celebrating the Power of Open-Source Innovation

Aurora 2.4 Development Tool

QuickLogic is thrilled to introduce version 2.4 of our Aurora eFPGA development tool suite. This release is packed with cool updates that improve the utilization and performance of reconfigurable computing in your RTL designs.

This release is super special because it’s built on a strong foundation of open-source modules. We believe in openness and transparency, which is why we leverage open-source innovation to provide scalability and longevity for your projects.

Let’s jump in and explore what’s new in Aurora 2.4!
First up, we have the Asymmetric BlockRAM (BRAM) Inferencing feature. Our inferencing feature reduces the need for manual modifications to your RTL design, making your life easier and your designs more efficient.

Next, we have the game-changer: the state-of-the-art “Single Stage” Routing algorithm. This phenomenal addition boosts the maximum operating frequency (Fmax) of your designs by up to 24%! And guess what? We owe this innovative marvel to the brilliant minds at the University of Toronto, with special recognition to Amin Mohaghegh and Vaughn Betz who played pivotal roles in its development. Yep, the single stage router was researched and developed there, and we’re proud to give credit where it’s due. Kudos to Amin and Vaughn for their outstanding contributions!

Dynamic power calculation is always a pain point for FPGA users. In Aurora 2.4, our FPGA Tools calculate dynamic power consumption based on your design’s clock frequencies and extracted capacitance models. We’ve made it incredibly convenient for you to automate power consumption calculations across libraries of your designs. No more time-consuming manual calculations!

There’s more! We’ve also worked hard to enhance the usability of the Aurora FPGA User Tools. We know how frustrating it can be to validate functionality and achieve timing closure. So, we’ve upgraded our Integrated Development Environment, Project Workspace, Execution Control Panel, and more. We’ve even added a Physical Viewer, Critical Path Analysis, and Detailed Timing/Utilization Information.

Open-Source Agility: Integrating a New Routing Algorithm in Just Two Months
It’s worth highlighting that we were able to integrate this new routing algorithm within just two months after it was presented at a conference. That’s the beauty of open source—the speed and agility to swap in and out components that fit the purpose. Proprietary tools simply can’t match this level of flexibility and responsiveness.

In conclusion, it’s time to dive into the world of reconfigurable computing with QuickLogic’s Aurora 2.4 eFPGA development tool suite. We’ve made it easier, faster, and more powerful than ever before. Join us on this exciting journey!

Check out the press release.

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